SRAM Eagle AXS Compared | GX Eagle AXS vs X01 Eagle AXS vs XX1 Eagle AXS | Which is best for you?

Watch this video or read the blog post to find out which SRAM AXS Model you will be most stoked on:

    SRAM Eagle AXS drivetrains let you ditch your cables and shift your gears wirelessly. There’s 3 models of the AXS mountain bike drivetrains: GX, X01 and XX1.

And in this blog we’re gonna compare ‘em.


    This blog only compares the 3 trim levels of SRAM Eagle AXS, but if you want to learn more in-depth info on SRAM AXS than what we’ll mention in this blog, check out this video or read this blog. We take a deep dive on SRAM Eagle AXS including functions, benefits, tips, features and more!

    Comparing SRAM Eagle AXS GX, X01 and XX1 is extremely simple since they are more similar than they are different. We will only be comparing the AXS derailleurs and controllers since those are the only parts specific to AXS.

Ok, onto the comparisons....

SRAM Eagle AXS Comparison SRAM GX Eagle AXS Derailler X01 Eagle AXS derailleur XX1 eagle AXS derailluer product photos on a beige background


All 3 models share the same core SRAM AXS features:

  • They’re all wireless and work with The SRAM AXS app to customize shifting on your controller.
  • They all use the same motor in the derailleur, with the same overload clutch feature to protect itself from impact.
  • The derailleurs all use the same battery.
  • They're all cross compatible with any other SRAM Eagle parts.
  • All of the derailleurs work with either the 50 tooth or 52 tooth cassettes.
  • All groups are available in an upgrade kit with a derailleur, a controller, a battery, and charger so you can upgrade any existing SX, NX, GX, X01 or XX1 cable actuated drivetrain to a wireless drivetrain.

Ok, easy enough. Let's move onto the differences.


SRAM Eagle AXS Comparison SRAM XX1 AXS derailleur with a rainbow xx1 cassette on a devinci spartan


  • XX1 is designed to be best for XC and trail riding, where having light weight components is very important.
  • The XX1 derailleur uses titanium hardware and a carbon fiber outer pulley cage for weight savings. The XX1 AXS derailleur also has ceramic pulley bearings.


  • X01 is designed to be best for enduro and aggressive trail riding to meet a balance of weight and durability.
  • The X01 AXS derailleur has nearly the same construction of XX1, but with stainless steel hardware, a fully alloy pulley cage for extra durability, and steel pulley wheel bearings.
SRAM Eagle AXS Comparison sram x01 eagle axs derailleur in red on the ground detail
SRAM Eagle AXS Comparison sram gx eagle axs derailler on ground detail photo of the top of the rear derailleur


  • GX isn’t designed for anything specific other than being the “bang for your buck” components for any bike under the sun. It performs well with no frills and a small weight penalty.
  • The GX AXS derailleur has a steel cage, a more affordable type of steel for the hardware, and a more simple set of pulley wheels.

    The differences in materials change the weights, with the derailleurs weighing as such:

XX1 AXS = 350 grams
X01 AXS = 363 grams
GX AXS = 431 grams

    The biggest difference that you will notice immediately is weight.

    The XX1 and X01 AXS derailleurs also have a nicer finish quality which creates tighter tolerances in all of the moving parts. All of the SRAM AXS derailleurs will perform well. In the long run, however, the tighter tolerances and stiffer materials used in the XX1 and X01 derailleurs will enable them to retain their snappy shifting for a longer time, when compared to GX.

SRAM Eagle AXS Comparison sram gx eagle axs controller product photo

The GX AXS Controller

SRAM Eagle AXS Comparison sram x01 eagle axs and sram xx1 eagle axs controller product photo

The X01 and XX1 AXS Controller

    Concerning the shifters (or "controllers" as SRAM puts it), they are virtually the same across the Eagle AXS line.

    There’s one controller shared between XX1 and X01, and a separate GX model. The structure, battery and buttons are the same, but the GX AXS controller has a black body and original AXS paddle. The XX1 and X01 have a silver body and the updated rocker paddle. You can upgrade the GX to the updated paddle if you choose for an additional $20.

    The controllers found on all SRAM AXS models weigh the same.


  • The XX1 or X01 will be your top picks if you want the shifting performance to remain super snappy for as long as possible and want to save weight.
  • The XX1 will be best for you if you want the lightest derailleur possible.
  • The X01 will suit you best if you want a bit more durability and don’t mind the small weight increase.
  • The GX is for those individuals who want the best bang for your buck performance, wireless shifting that just works well and you don’t mind the weight.

    Taking price into account, the SRAM XX1 Eagle AXS groupset is the priciest option coming in at $1,000, while the X01 Eagle AXS is $800 and GX Eagle AXS is $600.

SRAM Eagle AXS Comparison sram x01 eagle axs derailleur in grey and red on the ground with xx1 gold and xx1 rianbow cassettes

And that’s that!

    Each SRAM Eagle AXS model is super similar, perform excellent and they all let you ditch your shift cables, but they have slight differences that may suit different riders better.

If you have any questions about The SRAM Eagle AXS line, or anything else meowtain bike related, give us a call at the shop, or shoot us an email.

Happy Trails!

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