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Sram AXS Rocker Paddle Upgrade mounted on a bike

    In stark contrast from the minimum $1,000 USD price tag to enter the SRAM Eagle AXS world, here lies a $20 upgrade. The improved rocker paddle for the AXS controller. It’s a simple solution to a problem no one thought they had. Well, some felt the original design wasn’t quite 100%. I actually wasn’t sure I would appreciate the new layout, but it was $20 well spent.


  • Available as a complete controller or standalone paddle option for all Eagle AXS controllers
  • Increased ergonomics similar to an analog shifter

Included With The SRAM AXS Upgrade

    Inside the small, unassuming box, you receive 3 parts. The paddle itself, a new spring and new bolt for installation. You’ll quickly realize that any right minded individual with a 3D printer can create one of their own. Should one of SRAM’s first two designs fall short in your eyes. 

    Installation was simple, you remove the exact same pieces you receive new. So you can swap back and forth when you feel like it. Or sell off the design that didn’t agree with you. I didn’t weigh each paddle, but any difference would be negligible. 

Parts included when you buy a Sram AXS Rocker Paddle Upgrade

Pros, Cons and Verdict

    $20 well spent, yes indeed. The original design forced you to “rock” your thumb up and down for traditional shifts. Or introduce your index finger to the party for forward shifts. (See my original review of the AXS upgrade kit for more details on the shifting options:

    A pro to this new design is that you now have two distinct levels for your thumb to operate, like a shifter of yesteryear. While still having the option to rock your thumb, and also still calling on your index finger for designated driver. 

    A con however is the relaxed tolerance on the fit. The original paddle was tight fitting, and didn’t rattle. If you rest your thumb or finger on the new paddle while riding, it will make a noise as it moves in place side to side. Minor annoyance, but it’s there. 

    Again, I didn’t think this new paddle would matter to me, but it did. I feel more comfortable making shifts, and my mind doesn’t struggle with the thought of moving my thumb in a way that’s not natural. The larger surface area makes shifting more purposeful, and takes accidental shifts out of the equation. Instead of buying a few coffees this week, buy the SRAM AXS Rocker Upgrade instead.

Sram AXS Rocker Paddle Upgrade versus original axs shifter

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