Maxxis Dissector | Rider Review

Maxxis dissector tire on a marin rifty 1 with 3c maxxterra and exo protection


    Riding in the North Central Arizona mountains and woods means long single-tack climbs to get to the sweet plunges consisting of steep, tight, loose-over-hard and very rocky conditions. Most tires will “work” here, and I’ve tried a lot of rubber (both sponsored and out of pocket), but the Maxxis Dissector in 27.5 x 2.4", 3C Maxterra seems made for these types of conditions.

Let’s drop in!

marin rifty 1 frame with maxxis dissector tires front and rear

Set Up

    Installation was easy. They hold air great with 3oz. of STAN’s and require almost no attention. I run just enough air pressure to get approximately ¼” sidewall squish just before the fork and shock thresholds are met while compressing the suspension slowly. This seems to be a good compromise between compliance and rim protection (for my personal preferences). The 2.4” WT design is perfect for a 30.5mm I9 Enduro S rim, like mine. Profile? Not too flat, not too round, just enough bulge to keep the rim out of most troubles.  

Performance (After ~100 miles)

    I’m running this tire both front and rear on a full-custom ’22 Marin Rifty 1 frameset, short-travel rig I recently built. They roll very nice and don’t bog down on long single-track climbs. Scrambling up over rock staircases is about as good as it gets with this tire and the Dissector exhibits way less slippage than other’s I’ve tried of this size/type.

    Late braking is very good on dry/hard stuff, threshold braking is very predictable when dual-braking, especially on lose-over-hard. But take it easy on the loose-over-hard stuff, m-kay? Just saying….

    Grip and feedback are excellent for such a “mild” tread and the softer side knobs instill confidence while hammering berms and tip-toeing around flat/off camber stuff. You can still tail-whip it at will and shoot small rocks at your slo-bro’s on the way by! Seated weaving with the post dropped and flick-ability is top notch without losing either end to an unintentional whip-slide into a 4’ diameter tree just 6” from your lever or face! (Raise your hand if you’ve done that number in front of a Factory Go-Pro and had to buy the guy on the camera bike a lot of beers to get that SD card! …I’m raising my hand…)


    Up here treads and sidewalls suffer.... big time. After 100 miles of pure gnar, they look and feel great. The sidewalls are scuffed - logos/lettering are scuffing off as expected, but there’s no cuts, no leaks, no rash or threads showing and the tread has very little wear. All especially reigns true on the the front, it’s fresh.

    Rims also take a beating up here and so far, other than the old dings using other brands, only 3 new teensy little pings in my alloy I9 hoops. All off-road wheels get beat over time, but great tires can help your wheels last longer.

    For the advertised weight, that in reality is VERY close, this little tire is doing fine so far. Nothing is puncture proof- but you know the feeling when you clobber something you shouldn’t and it’s still holding air (yay!).

detail of tread on a maxxis dissector mountain bike tire


    The Dissector is simply just another great offering from Maxxis. And that’s why Maxxis is my go to when it counts. There’s lots of other really good makers of tires out there, but Maxxis is simply a no brainer and their rubber is what I use when I’m not getting paid and it’s coming out of my pocket for my personal rides. From all-rounder rubber to super-focused stuff, they got it covered. The Dissector is just another example of their commitment to us, the Riders.

    If you don’t need (or want) all the chunk of the Assegai, Minion or super puffy DH/mud type tires and need something smaller, lighter, WAY faster but still grippy and pretty bomb-proof? The Dissector will do it- it is simply a fast-rolling, great-gripping, super-durable dry terrain tire.

And, to sum it up?

    It just WORKS. Nice hoops, and only one regret. After using Ardent’s all these years I wish I would have tried the Dissector sooner!

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