Which Dropper Post is the Best Bang For Your Buck? | Best Value MTB Dropper Post Explained


    I walked around and asked everyone around the shop one simple question:

What is the best value dropper we offer at The Lost Co?

Everyone here agrees; the OneUp Dropper V2 is the best bang for the buck dropper post!

    Hop over to some of our staff bike checks and see just how many of us are using this dropper post. Considering it starts at $200 with as many features as it has, it’s hard to disagree with them! When you’re looking for the best value dropper post, you’re not necessarily looking for the absolute best performing post, or the absolute cheapest post, but rather one that straddles that line right in the middle and gives you the best of both worlds. Well One Up’s V2 dropper is one of the most affordable posts on the market and it also has some of the best specs of any dropper posts, so let’s check out some details!

Compatibility and Sizing

    First of all, this post will fit on basically any modern mountain bike. They come in 27.2, 30.9, 31.6, and 34.9mm diameters, and they come in a variety of lengths. Anything from an itty bitty 90 all the way up to an absolutely massive 240mm of drop, with 30mm increments between them. Each post also comes with six spacers that you can install to drop the travel by either 10 or 20mm, so for example, your 210mm post is also a 200 and a 190mm post in case 210 is too much for you. That opens up a whole world of sizes which means there should be an option for 99% of riders. OneUp Components knows that riders come in all sorts of sizes, so by having the longest and the shortest dropper on the market, there should be something for just about everyone.

    At the time of filming this video, the two shorter lengths, the 90 and 120mm posts, cost just $199.50, and all of the longer travel posts, the 150, 180, 210, and 240mm all cost $229.50. Compared to something like a Fox transfer post, which costs $359, these are a great deal. These more expensive posts might have some slightly smoother action, but it’s a marginal gain and might not be worth that 50% price increase if your wallet’s feeling a little light these days! You can also find some cheaper options out there on alibaba or other corners of the internet but those don’t have the track record of the OneUp post and we really can’t guarantee how long they’ll last for you.

Short Stack Height

    Now for my favorite feature of this post, and why I personally run it! This dropper has the absolute shortest stack of height of any dropper post on the market. What does this mean? You can read all about it by reading our "How To Measure The Longest Dropper Post For Your Mountain Bike" blog but, by having a super short collar, seat rail clamp, and cable actuator, no other post will give you more travel relative to its overall length than the OneUp dropper. This means that if you want to get a 180mm dropper post from another brand but it doesn’t quite fit in your frame, then there’s a good chance that One Up’s 180 will fit! And even if it still doesn’t quite fit, you can shim it down with the included 10 or 20mm spacers to get the saddle right where you want it.


    The last thing you need to know is how easy it is to service this thing! The only tool that you might not already have lying around to service this thing is a strap wrench, but besides that it’s just wrenches and allen keys to dive into this thing and freshen up the seals and grease. I know we’re all trying to save a bit of cash these days, so for those of you home mechanics out there, this will make it super easy for you to keep this thing feeling brand new for as long as you own it.

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