RockShox just updated their whole line of suspension products!

Find out what's new below:

    RockShox originally planned to only update the chassis for the Lyrik, but what started as a "small" project quickly snowballed and became a full blown overhaul for nearly their entire line - including the internals!!

The 2023 Rockshox line is packed with new features including ButterCups (The newest in noise damping and chatter reduction for mountain bike suspension), pressure relief valves, new damper oil, larger bushings, a brand new RC2T damper for the Super Deluxe Ultimate (which includes a low-speed AND high-speed compression dampening!) along with two new air cans, and a brand new hydraulic bottom out system. There's so much new technology coming from Rockshocks that we had to split it up into three differen blog posts with three different videos just to cover it all!

Click on a blog posts below to learn about the updated ZEB Ultimate, a comparison of the three RockShox single crown forks we sell, and an overview on the updated Super Deluxe Ultimates!

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