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    Let's be frank, finding the perfect spring can be a huge headache, like really freaking huge. To add to the headache, even when you land on the right rate, it's always just sort of a ball-park-ish spring rate that's sort of kind of near the desired sag value. This is one of the huge reasons air-sprung suspension and its precise, incremental adjustability has taken over in recent years. That is until Sprindex introduced their adjustable coil-spring system which they claim allows riders to select the exact spring rate to meet their desired sag value.

    Needless to say, Sprindex Adjustable Rate Coil Springs sounds like a great option if you're looking for the most precise control possible over your coil-sprung suspension. So what's the deal. Are these springs really as rad as Sprindex claims? Read on to find out!

The Lowdown:

  • Sprindex allows for tool-free, easy adjustment of your coil's spring rate.
  • Adjustable in 5 lb increments within the labeled base range.
  • Progressive spring rate offers compatibility with bikes designed for air-sprung suspension.
  • Comes with five performance adapters to allow fitment with virtually any shock on the market.
Sprindex Adjustable Progressive Coil Spring in detail on moss

Why Sprindex Coil Springs?

    So if coil-sprung suspension is simply superior performing to air, why are air shocks so popular? In our eyes, this is for two glaring reasons:

  1. Air suspension offers greater control and adjustability over the way your suspension feels.
  2. Air-springs are naturally more progressive, aiding in performance with more linear feeling bikes.

    Sprindex saw these identifies and seeks to eliminate these two major flaws. Sprindex Springs are adjustable, giving riders the ability to fine-tune their coil suspension like never before by offering precise control over spring rate. Just like adding or removing a few psi from your air shock to meet your exact requirements and desired feel, Sprindex allows riders to add or subtract from their spring rate in 5-10 lb increments. Additionally, Sprindex springs are progressive. Just like the Cane Creek Valt and MRP Progressive Springs, the Sprindex Spring offers a progressive end-stroke that offers the classic coil feel without sacrificing pop and playfulness on more linear bikes. These two qualities are the dynamic duo in offering air-like control of coil-sprung rear shocks and what makes Sprindex such a truly innovative product.

Sprindex Adjustable Progressive Coil Spring in detail of what is included in the box


    Do you own a coil shock? Congrats! You can run a Sprindex. Seriously, it's that easy. Unlike other after-market spring options, Sprindex comes stock with all the adapters you'll need to fit these springs onto basically any shock out there. Clearly labeling and a nice fit makes installation fast and easy. Additionally, their sizing structure and fitment guide make it ridiculously easy to select the right spring on the first go.

    Basically, Sprindex has three spring families: 55mm / 2.4", 65mm / 2.6", and 75mm / 3.0". Selecting the correct spring from those measurements is fairly simple but if you have any trouble or want to be absolutely sure you're grabbing the right spring, Sprindex has a super detailed database that is sure to give you the perfect selection.

Sprindex Adjustable Progressive Coil Spring installed on a Fox Float DHX2 rear mountain bike coil shock

Final Thoughts

    Sprindex as a company does one thing, design killer springs. When you pick up a Sprindex spring, it's immediately noticeable just how much attention to detail goes into these things. From the high-quality adjuster with great, tangible clicks to the fit and finish of the adapters, it's clear that Sprindex creates a top-notch product in their adjustable-rate springs.

    It's damn impressive how dialed these springs are. When we were having our shop meeting to decide whether or not to carry Sprindex springs, we were all astonished at just how well thought out these springs are. Sprindex seriously thought of everything. Adjustable? Check! Progressive Check! Compatibility Check! Sprindex hit a serious home-run in our books with these finely-crafted, ultra-adjustable springs and we can't even begin to put into words how stoked we are to be carrying them! Good work Sprindex!

Check them out today at thelostco.com

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