Maxxis Front Tires | Assegai vs Minion DHF vs Minion DHR vs Shorty

Maxxis Assegai Minion DHF  Minion DHR II Shorty Maxxis mountain bike front tire comparison review vs versus detail of tire tread pattern on a fern background

Maxxis Assegai vs Minion DHF vs Minion DHR II vs Shorty Gen 2

    Last Fall we compared Maxxis rear tires, which we received lots of positive feedback for. It also left people wondering about which mountain bike tire was best for them on the front of their bikes in certain conditions.

     In this video, Mike and Russ give an overview four Maxxis front mountain bike tires (even though one of them is designed for the rear) and compare them each head to head. The Assegai, Minion DHF, Minion DHR II, and the Shorty Gen 2 each excel in certain conditions, but does one tread pattern reign king?

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