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SDG Tellis Dropper Post
      After sending in my last dropper post for it's second service in less than a year, I thought it was time to try something different. It was never a complete failure, however the post would develop a slow drop or slow creep up while riding. Was the post still functioning? Yes. Was it extremely annoying? Also, yes.
    I picked up the SDG Tellis Dropper Post on Labor Day and installed it myself. In a few reviews and interviews of this dropper post, the constant emphasis was that the Tellis is built for reliability and durability which is exactly what I was looking for.
      I was late to the dropper post game as it seemed like an expensive gimmick with a lot of issues for a long time. However, as I watched prices drop and the reliability was get better, I finally gave in. Now I can't imagine riding without one! With steeper seat tube angles being all the rage, it's beneficial to get that seat down and out of the way.

Anyway, back to the SDG Tellis...

      It's been touted as a durable and reliable post with good reviews, so I thought I'd give it a go. Installation was a little more difficult than I was anticipating (it’s my first full dropper install) but that's most likely due to my lack of skill and the fact that I had to cut the housing twice to get it to the right length.

      Although, any relatively competent individuals should be able to install the post without issue, and it has the same installation as all other popular dropper posts with the cable head attaching at the bottom of the dropper post and cinched at the lever on the handlebars.

SDG Tellis Dropper Post

SDG Tellis Dropper Post

      There is absolutely no rotational or up/down play in the post and the overall fit and finish is great. While the lever is very basic, the ergonomics are good with a light lever action. The lever angles towards you a little more than other posts I’ve ridden, but that actually kept it out of the way while riding and I haven't had any issues actuating the lever when I needed to.

      The speed of the post's action falls right in that goldilocks range; not so slow that I’m counting one-one thousand...two-one thousand...three-one thousand while the post comes up like the Crankbrothers Highline, and not so fast that you're worried about bruising your backside like with the Specialized Command Post.

      The movement isn't as smooth as the Highline and the post s little more noise as it moves through it's travel, but still good in both areas. The height of the collar on the Tellis is on the taller end of the spectrum, and I went from a 160mm Crankbrothers Highline to the 150mm SDG Tellis as I didn't think I could fit the 175mm Tellis.


      In summary, the SDG Tellis has a great fit and finish, with a smooth and light lever action with good speed moving through the travel. If the post lives up to the durability claims then it would be my top choice of all the posts I’ve tried. I’m now contemplating about getting a second one for my other bike as well.


      Other posts I've ridden/tried: Crankbrothers Highline 160mm, (2+ years), Brand-x ascend 125mm (1 yr), Specialized Command Post (6 months), FSA Adjustable Dropper (1 yr), Fox Transfer (a few demo rides), RockShox Reverb (a few demo rides).





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