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Fox 36 Dust Wiper Kit

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This Fox Dust Wiper Kit is the standard equipment on Fox Forks and gives them a smooth feel.

This replacement Dust Wiper kit fits Fox 36 and Marzocchi Bomber Z1 forks.

This Kit Includes:

  • (2) Seals
  • (2) Dust Wipers
  • Crush Washers
  • Sag Ring
MPN: 803-00-933
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How often should I replace Fox fork dust wipers?

It is recommended to replace Fox fork dust wipers every 75 hours of riding. Rubber seals break down over time, and using dust wipers past their recommended service intervals risks losing the effectives ofn the most integral seals on your fork. Worn dust wipers may allow dirt and debris to make their way inside of your fork lower legs which can damage internal bushings, seals and sliding surfaces.

How do I install Fox fork dust wipers into my Fox fork?

Installing new Fox dust wipers is very easy. You will just NEED to purchase a Fox 36mm Seal Driver to install them. Below are basic steps for installation:

  1. Remove the old dust wipers and foam rings from the fork lower legs.
  2. Clean the part of the lower legs where the dust wipers are installed into and add a small amount of clean lubrication (either Slickoleum or a small amount of lower leg oil) within this area.
  3. Remove the spring from the outside of the dust wiper's upper flange.
  4. Place the new dust wiper onto the seal driver with the seal's upper flange facing the large part of the seal driver.
  5. Insert the seal driver into the fork with the bullet side facing into the lower leg and let the driver slide down into the fork bushing until the lower part of the dust wiper makes contact with the lower leg and stops.
  6. Grab a hammer and smack the top of the seal driver with medium force to drive the seal into the lower leg until the upper edge of the seal driver bottoms out on the fork lower leg. Do not continue to hit the seal driver with the hammer once the seal is fully installed.
  7. Remove the seal driver.
  8. Reinstall the spring onto the dust wiper's upper flange and continue the reassembly of your fork.


Should I lubricate the dust wipers before installing them into the lower legs?

We do recommend using lubrication when installing Fox dust wipers with a seal driver. Since Fox fork dust wipers have a partial outer metal surface on them, we recommend taking a light fingertip of Slickoleum or lower leg oil to lubricate the inner mating surface of the lower leg where the dust wipers presses in to. This ensures that the dust wiper presses into the lower leg seat nice and smooth.