SRAM XX & X0 Eagle AXS Transmission Weight & Comparison


Every time new high end components are released, the weight weenies come out of the woodwork and want to measure exactly how many grams they’re getting for their hard earned dollars, and I’m sure that these new T-Type components are no different! When spending thousands of dollars on a groupset, one of the performance gains to consider is potential weight savings, and often times new components are marketed as being lighter than the outgoing generation, but that’s not the case for these new AXS transmissions.

Most of these components are a similar weight to the previous AXS components if not slightly heavier, so here are the weights of the X0 and XX transmissions!

SRAM AXS Transmission Weights

SRAM XX Eagle AXS Weights

  • 170mm cranks w/ booties: 422 g

  • 32t chainring: 76 g

  • 2 Bashguards: 53 g

  • 126 link chain: 274 g

  • Cassette: 381 g

  • Derailleur: 463 g

  • Shift pods: 47 g

SRAM X0 Eagle AXS Weights

  • 170mm cranks: 544 g

  • 32t chainring: 75 g

  • 2 bashguards: 81 g

  • 126 link chain: 285 g

  • Cassette: 379 g

  • Derailleur: 472 g

  • Shift pods: 47 g


The aluminum X0 cranks are unsurprisingly a bit heavier than the carbon fiber XX cranks. The 170mm X0 cranks with a 32t chainring and both bashguards weighs in at 708 grams and the 170mm XX cranks with a 32t chainring and both bashguards weighs 557 grams. We also weighed a powermeter version of the XX cranks, which weigh in at just 37 grams more than the non power meter version! So if you’re on the fence about joining the power meter club but are concerned about the weight, I would put those worries aside and start measuring exactly how much fun you’re having on those climbs!

X0 Cranks

X0 Cranks, 32t Chainring, two bashguards

XX Cranks

XX Cranks, 32t Chainring, two bashguards

XX Cranks with Power Meter

XX Cranks with Power Meter and 32t Chainring


The 32t X0 and XX chainrings weigh in at a very similar 75 and 76 grams respectively, and I was certainly surprised to see that the X0 ring is slightly lighter than the XX! But don’t get too excited, the X0 bashguards are almost 30 grams heavier than the XX bashguards, weighing 81 grams vs 53 grams, so if you’re planning on using the included bashguards, then the XX setup is certainly lighter than the X0. And the bashguards mount to the chainrings differently so there isn’t any option to mix and match the XX bashguards with the X0 chainrings.

X0 Chainring

XX Chainring

X0 Bashguard

Two X0 Bashguards

XX Bashguard

Two XX Bashguards

Shifter Pod

Unsurprisingly, the shifter pods on both the X0 and XX models are exactly the same so they both come in at 47 grams. The shifter pods are seriously slimmed down relative to the previous AXS shifter pods, weighing almost half as much!


With reworked sizes of the three easiest gears and the same aluminum 52 tooth gear on both X0 and XX cassettes, these two are approximately the same weight at 379g for X0 and 381g for XX. Both of these cassettes are a few grams heavier than their previous generation siblings, but considering that each of the 3 largest cogs increased in size, those 3-10 grams are well worth it!

X0 Cassette

XX Cassette

X01 Cassette

XX1 Cassette


The XX and X0 chains are sporting that new flattop haircut and weigh in at 285 grams for X0 and 274 for XX with 126 links for both. The XX chain saves those 12 grams by using hollow pins instead of the solid pins found in the X0 chain.


Of all the new T-Type components, the derailleur is the biggest change from the previous generation. SRAM has integrated the derailleur hanger into the body of the derailleur among a whole host of other changes, so check out our tech blog if you’re interested in the rest of the changes made to the derailleur and the rest of the components. But that being said, the XX derailleur weighs 463 grams and the X0 derailleur weighs 472 grams. That’s quite a bit heavier than an AXS XX1 derailleur WITH a UDH weighing in at 417 grams, but that just proves how much stronger they’ve made these new T-Type derailleurs by adding material where they attach to the frame.

X0 Derailleur

XX Derailleur

XX1 Derailleur


All together, the X0 groupset comes in at 1891 grams and the XX groupset comes in at 1722 grams. Compared to the XX1 AXS groupset weighing 1533 grams, these groupsets clearly put a premium on durability and reliability over being the lightest possible option. If weight is your number one concern, then stick with the previous generation, but definitely consider the performance benefits of the new transmissions before completely writing it off!

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