POC Tectal & Kortal Race MTB Helmets | New Product Highlight

POC Kortal Race Mips mountain bike helmet and tectal on a service bench

We're Now Carrying POC MTB Helmets!

    Woah! We have a new brand in stock at the shop! We’ll now be carrying a selection of POC mountain bike helmets and we’re super stoked about it. The Kortal Race MIPS and Tectal will be available in a variety of sizes to choose from (plus, we plan to expand our color options eventually, as well).

     The Kortal Race MIPS is POC’s latest half shell geared towards aggressive trail/enduro riding while the Tectal is POC’s lightweight trail helmet.

poc kortal race mips mtb helmet on handlebars

The Kortal Race MIPS Helmet

Poc tectal mtb helmet leaning up against a tire

The Tectal Helmet

     Inside the Kortal Race is MIPS Integra invisible helmet safety system. With MIPS Integra, the Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) has been engineered into the molding of the helmet instead of a typical plastic lining mounted with elastic bands. Integrating the MIPS system into the helmet keeps it hidden while still providing the same high level of protection MIPS is known for.  

    The Tectal, on the other hand, uses POC’s aramid bridges system and a unibody shell for enhanced protection.

detail of the poc kortal race mtb helmet
Mips logo on the poc kortal race mtb helmet

    Some other notable features of both helmets are goggle compatibility, heaps of ventilation, adjustable visors and extended protection around the temples and back of the head.  

    I’ve been rocking a POC Tectal helmet for almost a year and I absolutely love it. It fits super well and the padding is impressively comfortable. A gripe I’ve had with a lot of other helmet brands is they can look pretty bulbous on your head but the Tectal’s shell is nice and slim without cramping or squeezing your head. Breathability is on point, even while riding in 100° heat waves. The design feature I’ve been most grateful for is the extended coverage and extra protection these helmets offer. It’s saved me a few times from stray branch strikes and more serious crashes alike.

POC Kortal Race Mips mountain bike helmet and tectal on a service bench
POC Kortal Race Mips mountain bike helmet and tectal on a service bench

    Overall, they're both awesome hemets and we are super psyched to be carring products from an impressive company like POC!

Check them out at thelostco.com and hit us up on the phone or live chat
if you have any questions about them!

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