OneUp Components EDC Plug and Plier Kit | Product Highlight

    When talking about on-the-bike storage for tools and goodies, the OneUp Components EDC tool system does an amazing job of holding what you need without getting in the way. Originally, the tool was an internal storage device, utilizing the empty space down the middle of the fork’s steerer tube. This was then revised into the current version, known as the OneUp Components EDC Tool V2.

OneUp Components EDC V2 multi tool on a wood surface

Components of The OneUp EDC V2 Tool

    This tool was then developed to fit into their EDC Pump. The pump is not just your average pump. It, too, uses every bit of space available, holding the tool (and potentially a CO2 cartridge) down inside the pump body. The head of the pump also doubles as a CO2 inflator. The bottom of the tool has a small hole threaded into it, designed for a CO2 cartridge to thread into for sturdy stashing. However, this hole also doubles as the mounting point for my favorite EDC accessory which is the OneUp EDC Plug & Pliers Kit.

OneUp Components EDC Plug and Plier Kit layed out with contents on wood

Everything included with the OneUp Plug and Plier Kit - Pliers, Jabber, 3 sheets of bacon plugs

The Need For Plug and Plier Kits

    As tire inserts are becoming extremely common on mountain bikes, plug kits are becoming a more and more vital part of our kit of goodies that accommodate our everyday rides. Plus, having a tire insert severely limits the ability to fit a tube in the tire as a form of flat repair. Plugging and reinflating is the best and most sure way to get home.

    Keeping the plug “ready to rip” is another thing that this setup does really well. All you need to do is pull out the tool from your steerer tube or pump, easily unthread the lower compartment cover, and then point’n’shoot the plug into the hole in your tire! Another perk is having the backup plugs stored right there in the same compartment. So if you need a second plug to fill a larger slice, another one is conveniently nearby.

Tubeless tire plug bacon strip installed on a oneup edc tool ready for use

A bacon strip loaded on the jabber (which is mounted to the EDC v2 tool) ready for use.
It can also be stored this way, with the capsule screwed on.

Using The Kit On The Trail

    In the 3 or 4 times that I’ve used this tool, it has worked flawlessly. I typically keep a Tofurkey strip loaded on the fork, ready for use. The bacon strips store perfectly on the jabber, in the tool. This came in handy when getting a tire puncture as it was very quick to shove into the tire and take effect. It even sealed a sidewall cut right at the base of the tire, no problem, as well as several other small holes throughout the rest of the tire.

    I will definitely continue to have this tool equipped on my bike as long as I use the EDC tool. I haven’t actually used the chain pliers out on the trail, *knocks on wood* but I keep them with me as they fit inside the storage area quite well with the (slightly trimmed down) sheet of tire plugs.

This is a product I totally recommend.

oneup components edc v2 tool and edc top cap installed

Pulling the OneUp EDC V2 tool out of the stem with an EDC Top Cap installed

oneup components edc v2 tool with the plug and plier kit installed

The fork jabber installed on the OneUp EDC V2 tool.

    If you are already using the EDC Tool V1 or V2, no matter where you have it stored, the Plug and Plier Kit is a simple addition that can save you a walk down the trail. It is sleek in its design and the way it attaches to the main tool is a very nice use of the space. I’m also using a 25g CO2 cartridge which doesn’t fit inside the steerer tube anyways, so this space is perfect for my OneUp Plug and Plier setup. The jabbing-fork for the tire plugs is fairly ‘normal’ and doesn’t have anything crazy going on. The jabber’s nose is tapered inward so it can easily fit into small or medium holes in a tire. Stacking the plugs can be a good way to fill up a larger slice if needed.

    The tubeless plug strips themselves are the fairly standard Tofurkey Bacon variety. The small fork doesn’t accommodate the ‘thicc’ strips as provided by some of the other companies. Although, a larger hole in the tire may not be able to be fixed, even with a ‘large’ plug.

oneup components edc bacon strip tubeless ture plug sheets

Bacon? Tofurkey? Tire plugs? Up to you.


    This tool is a great addition to the EDC arsenal, and in my opinion, is a must-have accessory if you’re storing the EDC tool inside the pump. The reason for this is that the pump has a built-in CO2 inflator within the head, eliminating the need for a separate unit. That’s something that the tool doesn’t have on its own or if used in the steerer tube. This makes for a truly inclusive package to plug and fill a tubeless tire puncture right on the side of the trail without the need for any additional gear.

    As far as the quick link breaker pliers go, they pretty much speak for themselves. They open AND close all sizes of chains, from 9 speed to 12 speed quick links, and they’re so small that they fit almost anywhere. If you prefer the storage around the plug area to be open or hold something else, then you can stash the pliers in your pocket, hugged up against your CO2 cartridge or really anywhere else you have a little bit of spare room as they are quite small.


  • Quite sleek and a good use of space
  • Small fork is good for small to medium sized holes - can stack plugs if needed
  • Good quality plug material - Tofurkey Bacon
  • Perfect tool for plugging/filling when paired with EDC Pump and carrying a CO2 on the side
  • Pliers both open and close quick links


  • Takes away the CO2 spot from the tool
  • Small handled pliers can be difficult to open or close a very tight quick link
  • Doesn’t fit ‘large’ Tofurkey Bacon strips

Until next time, Happy Trails!

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OneUp Components EDC Tools

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OneUp Components Dropper Post V2 - The Lost Co. - OneUp Components - 1C0620 - 038662821947 - 120mm - 30.9mm
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