Marzocchi Bomber DJ Fork Review

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          Dirt jumpers have been gaining popularity as more and more pump tracks pop up in nearly every region of the globe. In the past, there haven't been many aftermarket choices for a true dirt jumper fork. Luckily, Marzocchi has just entered the arena with the all new Marzocchi Bomber DJ.

          We've been waiting for this fork (or one similar) for a while; a true dirt jumper fork that's affordable, performs incredibly well, looks good too. Luckily, those are the bullet points on the new Bomber DJ fork which we'll continue on below.



          Marzocchi's Bomber DJ is built from the same chassis as their flagship enduro/freeride fork, the Z1. This gives the Bomber DJ stiff 36mm stanchions, beefy chassis and the GRIP damper. This translates to a stiff and supportive ride whether you're on dirt jumps or a pump track. Since dirt jumpers are usually flung through the air and are often involved with landing separately from the rider in a crash, the burly chassis are built to withstand abuse on hard landings with or without the rider. From riding this on the street and on the pump track, I can tell you that it feels like it's going to handle abuse for years to come. This fork utilizes an air spring to make the fork lightweight and have adjustable bottom-out control. It's extremely easy to set up, and a true "set and forget" fork.

          I'm very happy that Marzocchi carried over the 36mm chassis from the Z1 rather than the 34mm chassis from the Z2, as I prefer the fork to feel super stiff on dirt jumpers. This gives me more confidence that I can push myself to jump a bit higher and push a bit harder on the pump track. I fear the 34mm chassis would have left a bit to be desired, but the 36mm chassis feel amazing. Plus, the GRIP damper we've known to love is not only extremely reliable, but just offers incredible performance. With just 100mm of travel, being able to absorb small bumps is important, and the GRIP damper does that exceptionally well.


marzocchi bomber dj

The tried and trued GRIP damper we've loved over the years.

Below are the full specs on the Bomber DJ:

  • Stanchions: 36mm
  • Travel: 100mm
  • Wheel Size: 26"
  • Hub Spacing: 20x110 (Not 20x110 Boost)
  • Damper: GRIP
  • Spring: Air
  • Steer Tube: Tapered 1 1/8" to 1.5"
  • Offset: 37mm
  • 15x100 Spacers Available          



          Let's face it, people want their dirt jumpers to look pretty. Marzocchi reflects this fact on the Bomber DJ and makes it available in both Matte Black or Gloss Red to compliment different color schemes. Plus, the overall construction of the crown and bridge on the lowers just looks ready to shred.

marzocchi bomber dj red


          If you're on the hunt for a dirt jumper fork, you probably know that there aren't many options out there. In our eyes, Marzocchi ticked all of the boxes and makes the Bomber DJ the best bang for your buck when building up your new pump'n'jump bike.

          If you currently own a dirt jumper and feel like the front end feels pretty... meh, you're not alone. So many complete dirt jumpers on the market come with subpar forks to keep the price down which leaves a ton to be desired for many riders. Often these forks are super heavy, totally non-adjustable and just downright low performance coil spring forks with a... quote unquote "damper" that basically doesn't do anything. The Bomber DJ will extremely out perform any of those forks with it's rigid chassis, adjustable air chamber and sensitive damper.


marzocchi bomber dj red

          But what if you're building a new dirt jumper from scratch? I grew up riding 20" BMX bikes and know that not much changes in the BMX world. The last 20" bike I built was over 10 years ago it's still 100% modern, and I'm happy I spent the money on it when I did. The same applies to the dirt jumper world as well, where you can build a super dialed bike once and just keep it for a LONG time. This is a fork that you'll buy once and keep for 10 years with your current build.

          The Bomber DJ sells for $699 which is noticeably more affordable than the other popular high-performance DJ fork on the market, the RockShox Pike DJ which sells for $849. That $150 in savings will go a long way in a dirt jumper build since, overall, they're quite a bit more affordable compared to say an enduro bike.


        The all new Marzocchi Bomber DJ ticks all of the boxes when it comes to a suspension fork meant for the jumps'n'pumps. When looking at aspects of performance, aesthetics and value, this is going to be an insanely popular fork for those either upgrading their current fork or building a new bike from scratch. For us, the Bomber DJ is in the #1 spot of dirt jumper forks to buy, and we think you'll agree once you get your hands on one.


marzocchi bomber dj

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