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Tor wearing the Fox SpeedFrame Pro mountain bike helmet in the blocked colorway and smiling because he loves his new helmet so much

Fox SpeedFrame Pro Helmet

    Fox has been a staple in the mountain bike apparel world, and offers a wide range of killer helmets. Today, we’ll be looking at the Speedframe Pro, Fox’s premier half shell with all the bells and whistles you can expect from a high-end helmet. I’ve been riding this helmet for a while now, so let’s take a look at what features it has to offer, and what I think about it so far.

fox speedframe pro mountain bike helmet in blocked colorway on moss and ferns

Safety Feature

    Before we get any farther, let’s take a look at the safety features on tap, like MIPS. I’ve ridden several helmets with MIPS technology, and this was the first one that didn’t have an annoying squeak.

detail of mips sticker and fox logo on the fox speedframe pro mtb helmet in the dvide colorway
detail of the mips protection in the fox speedframe pro mtb helmet

    It also earned the highest possible rating from Virginia Tech’s Bicycle Helmet Ratings program, proving that Fox is not messing around with testing their helmets. As someone who’s had a couple of scary concussions, this is something I seriously value. I’m very glad that Fox has taken the steps to properly test their products.


mike wearing the fox speedframe pro in black and tor wearing the speedframe mtb helmet in blocked in the woods

    We’ve been getting treated to some warm spring days here in the Pacific Northwest, and the Speedframe Pro has no shortage of vents on it, with ample airflow on all sides keeping it cool up there, backing up Fox’s claims that this is the most ventilated helmet they’ve ever made. The comfort was very impressive which is aided by the 360º retention system. There are four available positions for this retention system which allowed me to seriously dial in my fit. I’ve never had this much adjustability in a helmet before. The dial on the back of the helmet is easily accessible and offers a very light action on the ratchet. I typically fit a size large helmet very comfortably, and I had to cinch the dial almost all the way down to get a snug fit. If you’re right on the border between sizes, maybe consider sizing down.

    A feature that I’m a big fan of is the magnetic Fidlock buckle. This has been my first time using a system besides the tried and true buckle. I wish I would have dipped my toes in earlier. The Fidlock system allows for easier buckling and unbuckling with gloves on as you don’t have to be quite as precise as with a typical buckle, and still instills plenty of confidence.

    Atop the Speedframe, there’s a three position adjustable visor, with very distinct clicks in between stops. In each position it is fully locked in and doesn't rattle around. I left mine in the lowest position after trying each of them out. Inside of the helmet, there is an antimicrobial liner that is easy to pop out and wash after a hot day, keeping the helmet fresh for its entire life.

detail of the fidlock found on fox mountain bike helmets
mike wearing the fox speedframe pro in black and tor wearing the speedframe mtb helmet in blocked being weird

Something to note is that this helmet is specifically designed to be compatible with goggles, like Fox Goggles, with slots for the straps running along the side of the helmet. For those who prefer goggles on trail rides, this is a welcome sight, but it does feel like glasses were a bit of an afterthought with this design. I wish there was an easy spot to tuck glasses on the climbs, but I just wasn’t able to find any vents that played nicely with my glasses. I ended up leaving them on my face for most of the climbs instead of subjecting them to scratches in my pocket or fanny pack.

Final Thoughts

    Overall, the Fox Speedframe Pro is a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a safe, lightweight, and very comfortable helmet that’s ready for anything from afterwork laps to all day missions in the saddle. This helmet will remain one of my go-to choices, especially on warm summer days.

mike wearing the fox speedframe pro in black
detail of the fox speedframe pro dvide colorway on a saddle
tor wearing the speedframe mtb helmet in blocked colorway

Fox Speedframe Pro Helmet - The Lost Co. - Fox Head - 25102-001-S - 191972352348 - Black - Small
Sold out

Fox Speedframe Pro Helmet - The Lost Co. - Fox Head - 25102-001-S - 191972352348 - Black - Small
Sold out

Fox Speedframe Pro Helmet - The Lost Co. - Fox Head - 25102-001-S - 191972352348 - Black - Small
Sold out

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