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Not many companies have made as big of a splash when jumping into the mountain bike world as 5DEV. Their roots in aerospace manufacturing means they know their way around the CNC machine, and all of their components are machined down the coast from us in San Diego, California. Starting with simple blocks of aluminum or titanium, all components are carved out of the metal like a statue being carved out of marble. All of 5DEV’s components have quickly found their way onto high end custom builds where a combination of bling and high performance is the name of the game; their industrial design language and titanium options tick all of those boxes.

5DEV Products at a glance

  • CNC machined products

  • Aluminum and Titanium options
  • Crankarms, pedals, chainrings, stems
  • Anodized color options to match color themes
  • Popular for eMTBs and normal MTBs
  • Beautifully machined designs that look amazing

Let’s check out 5DEV’s product lineup and all of the reasons why they might find a home on your dream build!

5DEV Cranks

Aluminum Cranks

It’s impossible to talk about 5DEV and ignore their crank arms, with those cutouts that shave weight and give them their dashingly good looks. 5DEV Trail Enduro cranks are machined out of 7050 Billet Aluminum with either raw or matte black color options. One of the current hottest mountain bike trends is shorter crank arms, and 5DEV is leaning heavily into this, with crank lengths ranging from 155 to 175 mm and every 5 mm in between. Shorter crank arms are especially popular on eMTBs, and these cranks come in every imaginable mounting interface for eMTB motors as well as normal bikes.

5DEV Aluminum Cranks

  • CNC machined products

  • Aluminum and Titanium options
  • Crankarms, pedals, chainrings, stems
  • Anodized color options to match color themes
  • Popular for eMTBs and normal MTBs
  • Beautifully machined designs that look amazing

Titanium Cranks

Is aluminum too bland for you? Is $499.99 for a set of cranks just too palatable for you? Well I have great news, 5DEV also offers Titanium Cranks that share the same cut out design of the Trail Enduro cranks but made out of space age titanium to shave a bit of weight and tell all of your riding buddies that you aren’t afraid of dropping a little coin on some boujee crank arms! Coming in at only 167.5 mm length for normal bikes and 157.5 for eMTBs with EP8 motors or Specialized motors, these crank arms take about 80 grams off the standard aluminum cranks. While it certainly isn’t the most economical way to save weight, titanium is also far stronger than aluminum, giving you peace of mind on the heavy impacts crank arms can take.

5DEV Titanium Cranks

  • 167.5mm length for MTBs

  • 157.5mm length for eMTBs
  • 29 or 30mm spindles
  • Pure Titanium
  • 530g (167.5mm length w/ 29mm spindle
  • $1499.99
  • Only available in Raw Ti colorway

5DEV Chainrings

Attached to those spindles you’ll find 5DEV’s chainring, which just like the cranks, comes in either aluminum or titanium and you can choose from a few different styles. Just like the cranks, all of these fancy ninja stars started as a solid block of metal before being subjected to the hard life of handling all of your watts. 5DEV has mounting interfaces for all SRAM cranks as well as 104 BCD cranks, and they offer both round and oval rings to keep everybody happy. Their oval rings even have a choice between 6% and 12% ovalness, something I’ve never seen from any other company. As for colors, you’ve got an intimidatingly long list of twelve color options of their 7075 Classic Chainring, and four colors in their Ultra Light Titanium Chainring.

5DEV’s titanium chainring is not only lighter and more spage age looking than the aluminum chainring, but it also lasts three times longer because of titanium’s increased durability over aluminum. Now if we do a little bit of simple math, you’ll actually save yourself some cash by choosing the titanium option over the aluminum in the long run, not to mention you’ll be saving a little weight the whole time and you won’t have to deal with the headache of pulling your cranks to switch your chainrings.

Aluminum Chainrings

  • 30, 32, or 34 teeth

  • Narrow-wide tooth profile

  • 7075 Aluminum

  • 3mm Offset

  • 58g (32 teeth)

  • 0%, 6%, or 12% oval

  • Compatible with 3 bolt SRAM cranksets

  • Use SRAM or Shimano 12 speed chains

  • Black, Raw, Kash, Purple, Red, Orange, Blue, Teal, Nickel, Oil slick, Gold, Oil Slick Gold

  • $99.99

Titanium Chainrings

  • 30, 32, 34, or 36 teeth
  • Narrow-wide tooth profile

  • Pure titanium

  • 3mm Offset

  • 48g (32 teeth)

  • No oval option

  • Compatible with 3 bolt, 8 bolt, and 104 BCD cranksets

  • Use SRAM or Shimano 11 or 12 speed chains

  • Raw, Bronze, Purple, Teal

  • $199.99


Just like their other components, the 5DEV Ti Stem is machined out of a block of aluminum in San Diego, California. With a futuristic yet old school look, this stem is built to turn heads, especially with the flashy color options. Two bolt handlebar clamp interfaces on most stems do a great job of chewing up handlebars during installation, but their design manages to set itself apart from the pack and is easier to install than other 4 bolt designs! 5DEV said it themselves that this product isn’t for everyone, but for anyone who truly appreciates a highly trained technician machining these works of art here in the United States, you’d be hard pressed to find a stem that has the same craftsmanship and quality behind it.


5DEV Titanium Stems

  • 35mm clamp, can shim to 31.8mm

  • 32, 40, or 48mm length

  • Raw, Bronze, Purple, Teal

  • 2 Bolt clamp interface

  • $399.99

  • 133g with hardware

  • 37mm stack


5DEV offers two very similar pedals that are both works of art from the USA based machine shop. You’d be forgiven for not seeing the difference between their All Around Pedal and their Trail Enduro Flat Pedal, with the difference lying right in the middle of the two pedals. Digging into the center of your shoe on the Trail Enduro Flat Pedal is two extra pins as well as some machined teeth in the pedal body. Both pedals have more than enough real estate for your feet, and a bit of concavity to hold your feet in place. For those of you who need the perfect color to complete your two wheeled art installation, then the All Around Pedal offers more color options than the Trail Enduro Pedal, while it does sacrifice a little bit of grip.

All Around Pedal

  • 6061-T6 Aluminum Platform

  • 10 pins per side

  • 106 x 110 x 11.37mm

  • 2.5° Concavity

  • 17-4 Stainless Steel Axle

  • 1 IGUS bushing and 4 bearings

  • 365g

  • Black, Raw, Kash, Purple, Red, Orange, Blue, or Teal

  • $189.99


Trail Enduro Flat Pedal

  • 6061-T6 Aluminum Platform

  • 12 pins per side

  • 106 x 110 x 11.37mm

  • 1° concavity with center pins, 2.5° concavity without

  • 17-4 Stainless Steel Axle

  • 1 IGUS bushing and 4 bearings

  • 343g

  • Black, Raw, Gold, Purple, or Kash

  • $249.99



All of 5DEV’s components are towing the line between an art piece that should be kept in an exhibit and a capable mountain bike component that can handle abuse for as many years as you’ll let them. While these are not budget friendly bike parts, not every option on the market has an obligation to offer the maximum price to performance ratio, and 5DEV has thrown caution to the wind with their expensive manufacturing strategy in the United States. Supporting a company that has all of their operations here in the US is a little easier when the products have this combination of bling and performance.

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