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100% brisker gloves on a black background in orange blue red and heather gray


As mountain bikers we are very guilty of wanting a lot of different doodads for our stallions, but in this blog we're going to share something that you actually need. That's right we're gonna be talking about the 100% Brisker gloves. These sub $40 accessory keep you riding in those cold winter months - let's talk about them.


There's a lot of things that we want. It’s easy to want that new thousand dollar fork that has just came out. What good is it to have that fancy bike if for six months out of the year it's chilly outside and you're not going to want to go out because of the weather conditions? That is why we always recommend the 100% Brisker cold weather mountain bike gloves as a need.

There's a few things I know I'm going to bring on every bike ride in the wintertime: that's my shoes, my helmet, and my 100% Briskers. For about six months out of the year here it's between 30 and 50 degrees Farenheit when we're riding and the 100% Briskers are 100% part of the kit that I'm gonna be riding in. Pun intended.

Material Information

The 100% Brisker gloves are a warm glove, not a hot glove. The top of the glove is a lightly insulated soft shell material to keep your hand warm from the cold air that you're riding through without being too hot. On the inside of that top layer is a nice soft microfiber material which is really comfy. The cuff is a neoprene like wetsuit material with a velcro strap up to cinch it down to keep the cold air out and the warm air in.

red 100% brisker mtb gloves on a black jacket showing detail of top of glove and the palm of the glove

The palms are still nice and thin, similar to a summer glove. They might be a little bit thicker than a normal summer glove, but you can still get a nice feel for the grip. There are a many other warmer gloves, but they're guilty of being like big ski gloves where you're not able to feel the bike and it's really easy to lose control of what you're shifting or get a proper finger on your brakes. These gloves give you control on the bike while keeping your hands warm.

The palm feels like a normal glove on the handlebar but the front keeps you nice and warm.

A Common Question - Are The Briskers Waterproof?

One common question that we have is “Are these waterproof because it is raining during that 30 to 50 degree window, especially in the Pacific Northwest?”

These are not waterproof and I actually like that.

Water does bead off them a little bit, but honestly I have three pairs of these things and I'll bring a couple pairs with me if it's a rainy day. If they do end up getting very wet, I'll just take the wet ones off shove them in a pocket, put the new dry ones on, and just keep doing that. It’s worth noting that they actually do make a waterproof version of the Brisker, the Hydromatic, but we found that they fit a little funky. They have that waterproof barrier in there so the glove doesn't grip the bar as well because your hands are kind of restricted with that barrier. They also get really hot - it's like stepping into a sauna. Your hand is going to be dripping sweat and might get all pruney.

Why You Will Love Them

The Briskers are under 40 bucks and it's just something that every mountain biker needs, even if you live in Southern California and you go for a morning rides. Those morning rides can get below 50 degrees, so if your hands are cold you might not enjoy your ride. With these Briskers, however, you're going to have a great time out there. A fair warning though - you'll want to go ride your bike in the mornings. You'll want to ride your bike if it's cold out all day long. You'll want to ride your bike all the time! These gloves will aid in that.

As mentioned before, we love the thought 100% put into these gloves. Being able to get a natural feel on the handlebars while keeping the wind off is something we haven't found too many other gloves to acheive.


100% brisker gloves on a black background in orange blue red and heather gray
orange 100% brisker mtb gloves on snow

They're honestly one of the most popular accessories that we sell in the shop at The Lost Co when we see that the temperature is going below 50 degrees. We put these things out on the floor and I'm not kidding there is a line out the door! Maybe not a line out the door, but we do sell a ton of these things. We fly through them when it starts to get chilly because they're just so popular out here. For the price and functionality, they are hard to beat!

That's about all we have to say for the 100% Brisker gloves - they're going to keep you warm on those chilly days.

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