The Best Cold Weather MTB Glove | 100% Brisker Review

Orange blue red and black 100% brisker gloves on a black background


The 100% Brisker glove is the most comfortable pair of cold weather gloves I’ve tried, and keep my hands nice and toasty on those cold morning rides. When you hear people complaining about riding in the cold and wet weather, one of their number one points is how cold their hands get, but they’re still using the same gloves they’ve been using all summer.

With an insulated outer layer and a low profile inner layer, 100% has struck a great balance between warmth and comfort with the Briskers.

Profiles and Materials

The low profile glove design has taken over the glove market in the last decade, led by riders looking for maximum comfort and the most direct connection to their bike while still getting a bit of protection. If you’re using the least material possible, however, it’s unrealistic to expect any kind of warmth or insulation out of your gloves. The 100% Brisker aims to keep that low profile unobtrusive palm feel of the minimalistic gloves while also providing a bit of insulation on the unprotected backsides that take the brunt of the wind and water hitting your hands.

Orange blue red and black 100% brisker cold weather mtb gloves on a black background
red 100% brisker mtb cold weather gloves sitting on a black puffy jacket

On the exposed side of the Briskers, there’s a light insulation with a soft-shell top holding everything in. Just keeping that cold air off of your hands does wonders for keeping the warmth in, and when you’re busting through water logged bushes, the Briskers do a great job of keeping your hands dry for much longer than your typical summer gloves. That water does soak in on days where the skies really open up, but that doesn’t mean they get cold. The feeling is similar to a wetsuit in cold water, where even though you’re soaked to the bone, you’re still far warmer than if you weren’t wearing a wetsuit or just had a thin top on.

When You Might Want A Little More

For days where the temps drop quite a bit below freezing, then you may want a bit more insulation. For me, I've found that the Briskers are best suited for temps up to about 60 degrees fahrenheit, but I definitely have colder hands and appreciate running these gloves in warmer temps than most riders.

My only complaint with the Briskers are the little tech material on the index finger to use a phone isn’t quite as responsive as I’d like. These gloves made my toes pretty jealous, and they left me wanting a sock version to keep my feet as warm as my hands.

orange 100% brisker cold weather mtb gloves laying on snow

Overall, these are absolutely going to be my go to riding gloves this winter, and if you’re looking for a warm glove with , the 100% Brisker should be at the top of your list.

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