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PNW Components specialize in components that make riders comfortable on their bike with an attention to detail in their manufacturing and design. PNW is also known for their wide array of color options that are sure to match with any color your bike has. Their components are also very affordably priced but do not skip on performance or reliability. 
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    PNW Components designs mountain bike components and works directly with their manufacturer in order to create a strong relationship with the goal of producing high end parts at a fraction of the cost. They make dropper posts that actually look good, grips in a variety of colors, and highly functional dropper post levers.

     The PNW Rainier dropper post is easy to adjust to your preferred fit (no tools required), head ache free to service, and functional all coming in at an affordable price tag. The Loam post also boasts a tool-less travel adjust while utilizing an easy to adjust air cartridge. Customize your Loam post and match your bike with colored silicon bands.

      At a mere $19, the PNW Loam Grips are one of the most affordable grips on the market. With a compound aimed at enduro and trail riding and 9 standard colors, with a few more limited edition, all mountain bikes will live the loam grip.

     The PNW Components Loam Lever is also easy to adjust and features a rubber injection molded thumb pad to keep your thumb gripping when the going gets slick. Also available in a multiple colors and a price tag that is hard to beat.

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