Fox Float 36 Factory fork in shiny black with a grip2 damper on a black background

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Fox forks are renowned in the mountain biking community for their exceptional performance and reliability. 
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    The 36mm classic from Fox Racing Shox comes in the top-tier Factory version with a Grip2 damper in Shiny Black or Shiny Orange while the Performance Series Elite is slightly less expensive, but still with one of the best performing dampers in the market, the Grip2.

    The Fox Factory and Performance Series Elite 36 both come in 27.5" and 29" form, depending on what your mountain bike uses.

    We are Fox Factory Tech certified and can perform all kinds of services on Fox forks. This includes travel changes which allow us to sell the Fox 36 in multiple travel options including 130, 140, 150, 160, and 170mm. You can read more about travel changes on our FAQ page. Travel changes do NOT void your forks warranty.