The Lost Co's 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Why is buying gifts for mountain bikers so hard?

Buying gifts for mountain bikers is about as tricky as it gets! If you’re not a mountain biker yourself, your friend might as well be speaking another language when it comes to their bikes and gear. Unfortunately, with mountain bikes having so many standards and propriety parts, it’s almost impossible to get them something compatible with their bike if you don’t have some kind of direction from them, or experts like us! We’ll help you get something that they won’t want to return and be the highlight of their holidays.

We make these holiday gift guides every year, and this year we're trying to do things a bit differently! Instead of just including physical gifts we sell here at The Lost Co, we'll also recommend some mountain bike experiences to go along with all of these shiny new parts! The experiences we have while riding these bikes are way more important than the gear, so we figured these would also be right at home in the gift guide alongside the more typical physical gifts.

Easy gifts for all mountain bikers

If you want to make this as low stress of an event as possible, then look no further than this list right here! All of these items are sure to be an absolute winner when everyone’s unwrapping presents, no matter how long they’ve been riding mountain bikes, what kind of bike they ride, or where they ride. Any of us here at The Lost Co would be thrilled to get one of these as a stocking stuffer or any other kind of gift.

Hip Pack

Carrying all of your tools has never been so stylish! We've got a bunch of brands of hip packs, including EVOC, Dakine, and Fox! Each one does essentially the same thing, and that's carry all of the snacks, water, tools, and spares you could possibly need while keeping the weight low and your back aerated. For all day rides deep in the backcountry, the 3L hip pack with the hydration bladder will keep anyone hydrated and able to fix all of those trail side issues you and your riding buddies have out on the trail. Plus, all hip packs are on super sale right now!

OneUp Components EDC Pump

    The OneUp Components EDC pump comes in two sizes, 70cc and 100cc, has an integrated CO2 inflator and can fit other tools made by OneUp or a CO2 cartridge inside the handle. If the person you’re buying for doesn’t like wearing a pack while riding, this pump is a great option for them to carry all their trail-side maintenance tools in one sleek package. Get extra brownie points if you get the EDC Tool for them too!

CrankBrothers Multi 20 Tool

While out on the trail, it’s about the most annoying thing ever to have a mechanical that’s easily fixable if you had the right tools for the job, but you instead you find yourself on a walk back to the car. Luckily, the CrankBrothers Multi 20 Tool is going to be able to tighten and loosen just about every single bolt on your bike, with the most complete lineup of tools I’ve ever seen on a multitiool. With this golden guy in your pocket, you’ll be prepared to fix anything that comes loose and you won’t be relying on whatever your buddy has in their hip pack any more!

Park Tool SK-4 Home Mechanic Starter Kit

While the CrankBrothers Multi Tool is a great start and can fix just about everything on the trail, having a dedicated set of tools at home makes fixing your bike one of the most rewarding things you can do on a rainy Saturday. This Park Tool SK-4 Kit has all of the home mechanic essentials, and each tool is a high quality version that will last you a lifetime. In addition to that, you’ve also got a sweet toolbox with room to grow when you start needing those specialized tools down the line. Pair this kit with the PCS-10.3 Deluxe Home Mechanic Work Stand and now you’ve got yourself the ultimate DIY bike maintenance station in the garage.

Topeak Digital Pressure Gauge

To get the most accurate air pressure readings, a digital pressure gauge is impossible to beat, and this Topeak Smart Guage is our number one recommendation for accuracy and reliability. We use this tool at the shop every single day and is a great gift because it gives mountain bikers way more control over their tire pressure, which is the number one most important factor in how your bike feels on trail, and is checked before every single ride.


Mountain Bike Experience Gifts

Like we talked about earlier, there's more to mountain biking than all the fanciest and newest parts, and that's actually riding the dang things! The majority of us already have all the parts we need to go ride, but actually putting money into cool riding experiences often falls to the wayside, and any of these gifts would certainly be the highlight of my holidays! First off, a bike park ticket is the ultimate day of riding bikes, and most tickets are somewere between $60 and $80 for the day. Most complaints mountain bikers have are about the uphills, so if you eliminate that for a day of riding, you are going to make their year. Also, if they don't have a mountain bike, you could get them a bike rental so they could experience this amazing sport.

Next up, is a lesson from a certified mountain bike coach! Oddly enough, coaching isn't as widespread in mountain bike culture as other sports, but that's been changing in recent years! Google coaching in your area, and there's almost certain to be a couple options close by, and this gift would also pair great with a bike park ticket, as there are often lots of options at bike parks where lots of people are riding bikes.

Another guaranteed slam dunk gift is basic but reliable, and that's the Lost Co Gift Card with our phone number to go along with it. That way, you can offload all the stress about deciding what to buy them onto their plate, or really our plate if they give us a call to figure out exactly how best to spend some cash. We specialize in providing the best customer service in the industry and we can set anyone up with the best gear around if they give us a call!

Last but certainly not least is making a donation to your local trail advocacy group! Here in Bellingham, the WMBC (Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition) does a phenomenal job of building and maintaining all the trails you see in the videos. Show some appreciation for the trails you get to ride every day during these holidays and send some cash their way!

There you go! A brief holiday gift guide from The Lost Co. - Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays!

Orders include some awesome free Lost Co stickers, which are nice little gifts on their own :)

Got questions? Feel free to shoot us an email or give us a call!




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