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Mountain bikes have been on the “longer, lower, slacker” program for years now, but it seems like manufacturers are starting to find that sweet spot where more is not always better. Brake rotors on the other hand, have been going through a renaissance period of increasing in thickness and width across all brands. SRAM is not one to shy away from that trend.

The SRAM HS2 rotor is thicker than the Centerline rotor it’s replacing, and increases both braking power and heat dissipation thanks to the 2.0mm thickness.

SRAM HS2 Rotor's At A Glance

  • 160-220mm
  • 2.0mm thick
  • Quiet operation
  • Replaced SRAM Centerline rotors
  • Best-in-class deat dissapation and management
  • 6-Bolt and Centerlock configurations
sram hs2 mountain bike rotors with hayes dominion a4 mountain bike brakes

Impressive Heat Dissaption

The design of the SRAM HS2 brake track is very reminiscent of the old Avid G2 rotors that were common place before SRAM swept Avid under the rug and started producing brakes under their own brand. While the profile of the cutouts are similar to the old G2’s, this rotor is actually the successor to the Avid HS1. The HS1 got its name from the “Heat Shedding” properties of the cross drilled holes in the brake track, and the HS2 has proven to be a fantastic successor with some impressive heat shedding properties of its own. By bumping the thickness from 1.8mm up to 2.0mm and adding thermal dissipating paint to the spokes, the SRAM HS2 has really impressed me with its heat dissipation.

tor riding his transition spire with sram hs2 mountain bike rotors

Caliper and Pad Compatability

I’ve been running 200mm front and 220mm rear HS2 rotors on my Transition Spire for over a year and ridden them with Magura MT7s and Hayes Dominions. Both brake systems worked flawlessly with these rotors, regardless of the pad compound. Whether the brake pads were metallic, ceramic, or organic, I never had an issue with the pads glazing over or my brakes starting to pump up from overheating. I did run into this with the Centerline rotors I used before. Not only did I avoid overheating the system, there was slightly more power all around, which led to more confidence on the trail. With more power at your fingertips, you don’t need to yank on those levers quite as hard, which help you relax on the trail and feel fresher for longer.

sram hs2 mountain bike rotors with magura mt7 mountain bike rotors

The SRAM HS2 Rotors with brakes you can spot a mile away - Magura MT7's


These brake rotors are a perfect fit for all types of mountain bikes, besides maybe ultralight cross country bikes where downhill performance is less important than saving weight. But for those of us that are looking for as much braking power as possible, the SRAM HS2 delivers exactly that. With diameters and mounting options for everyone, the increased thickness and heat dissipation make for a rotor that increases power and keeps your brakes from boiling on those long descents.

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