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sram gx eagle transmission t-type groupset on a cloudy texture background


A few months ago, SRAM redefined the drivetrain with the release of their wireless direct mount Transmissions that bring fantastic performance but at a high price. GX has always been their workhorse groupset for the people, and now, the new GX Transmission brings that same technology, performance, and durability of the X0 and XX Transmissions to the masses with a lower price point. The financial hurdle for a Transmission has dropped $500, but without any compromises in shifting performance or overall system strength.

SRAM GX Eagle Transmission
At A Glance

  • $1099
  • Full mount derailleur
  • Perfect shifting under load
  • Flat top chain
  • Integrated bash guards
  • X-Sync cassette with cassette mapping
  • Redesigned shifter pods


Just like the X0 and XX Transmissions, the GX Transmission is a wireless twelve speed drivetrain with a 1x ring up front. Inside of the derailleur you’ll find an updated clutch that’s stronger than the previous GX AXS clutch, and all kinds of algorithms running the show behind the scenes to make every shift crispy. Just like before, there’s still a 520% gear range to winch you up the steep climbs and still let you put power down on the fast descents. And don’t worry about those river crossings because this system is just as waterproof as before, with a full IPX7 rating to keep all those robots safe.

Included in a GX Transmission groupset is a derailluer, cassette, chain, crankset with a chainring, and a pod controller.

sram gx eagle transmission t-type groupset on a trek fuel in golden hour light


The GX Transmission direct mount derailleur has done away with the adjustments like we’ve seen on the higher priced options, and you won’t find a b-tension or limit screw anywhere on this GX derailleur. Without those adjustments, setting up this Transmission is the same simple process as we’ve seen with the other Transmissions; with just a set of allen keys, chain breaker, and torque wrench, any home mechanic will be able to install the GX Transmission and get it shifting perfectly without any issues. Plus, if you’re upgrading from the previous gen AXS, hold onto that old battery because it’s exactly the same on this new model and is great to tuck in the pocket on long rides!

SRAM GX Eagle Transmission Derailleur

Breaking derailleurs is a part of mountain biking that always sucks, but SRAM is making it suck less than before with easily replaceable parts on the GX derailleur. Now if you bend or break your low hanging cage, you can buy a replacement for a fraction of the cost of your derailleur to get you rolling again. Or if you’re trying to keep the body of the derailleur looking fresh, you can also replace the skid plates and outer link in case you scratch them or break them. But good luck breaking this derailleur! The new direct mount design makes it incredibly robust and will shrug off hits that would otherwise break a traditional derailleur or hanger. There’s also the same Overload clutch that lets the derailleur scooch in during an impact and then pop back out again when it’s safe, kind of like a game of whack a mole.


Mated to that full mount derailleur is the new cassette. Silver seems to be the “in” color right now and with the Nickel plating on all but the 52t cog, this cassette has a beautiful finish to it. Compared to the previous GX cassette, the 2nd and 3rd cogs are two teeth larger and makes for way more consistent jumps between each gear, most notably eliminating the huge jump between 1st and 2nd gear. With X-SYNC on every cog besides the Setup Cog, chain retention and shifting is hugely improved, especially under load. Just like the more expensive Transmissions, this GX Transmission shifts better under load, which definitely takes some getting used to.

SRAM GX Eagle Transmission Cassette

After so many years of easing up on the pedals through a shift, it’s tough to reprogram your brain to keep smashing on the pedals while the chain climbs to its new home, but you’re rewarded with a smooth and quiet shift every single time.


SRAM GX Eagle Transmission Flat Top Chain

The new GX chain got a fresh haircut for this iteration and shares the flat top look for increased strength to weight ratio and great performance. Every link is held together with solid pins, which increases durability and is tough enough to hold up to the abuse Ebikes are known for throwing at drivetrains. By moving material from the sides of the chain to the top, SRAM has made this chain even stronger than before without adding weight to it, a welcome change in my opinion.


sram gx eagle transmission crankset and chainring on a white background

SRAM GX Eagle Transmission Crankset

sram gx eagle transmission crankset and chainring with bash guards on a white background

SRAM GX Eagle Transmission Crankset with bashguards

Made out of forged aluminum, the brand new GX crankset is a no nonsense affair, with removable bashguards protecting the chainring from rock strikes or big cases. You might recognize these bash guards from the X0 Transmission, and that same technology has made it’s way to the GX version. You can remove one of the bashguards to just keep the one that’s on the underside when you’re pointed downhill, or keep them both on if you’re crazy enough to switch your feet throughout a trail. That chainring is attached to the crankset by 8 bolts, which seems like overkill, but you’ll have peace of mind that your chainring won’t fly off and turn into a ninja star.

Pod Controller

Conducting this whole orchestra is the new Pod Controller, which looks pretty different from the previous model. This iteration is ultra adjustable; you can spin it around, switch which side of the bars it’s on, change which buttons shift up and down, and even swap between concave and convex buttons. The new Infinity clamp has a super sleek mounting interface that lets it tuck just about anywhere on your bars without getting in the way of your brakes, or you can use the Bridge Clamp to attach it directly to your SRAM brakes for the ultimate stealth setup. Also, this is the only piece of the T-Type puzzle that’s backwards compatible with the old AXS groupsets, and the old AXS controller is also compatible with the new T-Type stuff too!

SRAM GX Eagle Transmission Pod Controller


GX Transmission is made for the masses, bringing all the performance everyone loves about the Transmissions at a more affordable price point. If your bike has a SRAM Universal Derailleur Hanger and you want the best shifting on the market, the GX Transmission is undoubtedly your best bet. Just remember to keep those batteries charged!

SRAM GX Eagle Transmission Full Groupset

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