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Tasco Double Digit Motherboard Big Red Gloves

Tasco Double Digit Motherboard Big Red Gloves

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Size Medium!

Double Digits MTB Gloves, a unique matchup of MTB gloves and MTB socks that look good, feel good and will ensure you get maximum enjoyment out of every ride. 

Double Digits Mountain Bike Gloves - the perfect balance of fit, breath-ability, and style with no compromise on comfort or durability:

  • Lightweight 4-way stretch construction making you think your hand is naked!
  • Velcro-free neoprene enclosure leaving you no excuse for not washing them after every ride
  • Conductive material throughout the MTB glove to ensure you don't miss that trail-side photo
  • Better contact with your controls from the single layer synthetic leather palm
  • Increased control from silicone printed accents on the fingertips and palms
  • Large pore mesh panel on the side of each finger for better ventilation
  • Micro-fiber handkerchief wipe on both thumbs for removal of those pesky snot rockets
  • Last but certainly not least...BOLD new graphics that are in sync with your Double Digit MTB socks, to keep you grinning all ride long!