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TRP Quadiem G-Spec
TRP Quadiem G-Spec
TRP Quadiem G-Spec

TRP Quadiem G-Spec

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  • 4-piston DH brake designed with input from World Cup champion Aaron Gwin
  • Hybrid pistons (composite/stainless steel) and CNC cooling fins for improved heat dissipation
  • Drilled lever blades, hinged master cylinder clamp, Matchmaker/I-Spec compatible
  • Tool free reach adjust with click-detents for fine tuning
  • More precise pad tolerances reduce unwanted pad play
  • Rotor and adapter sold separately
  • Includes master cylinder, caliper, full-metallic pads, caliper mounting bolts, hose (1900mm rear/1000mm front), banjo, olive and barb, titanium hardware
  • High polished, anodized finish


“The Quadiems deliver more than enough power to slow this 200-lbs tester down with one finger on any terrain, and once you get used to them, they do it in a very predictable manner.” VITAL MTB

“In fact, we would go as far as to say that if you are looking for a powerful, gravity focused brake, the TRP G-Spec Quadiem is one of the best performing brakes on the market.” ENDURO-MTB.COM


In 2016, TRP began working with reigning UCI DH World Cup Champion Aaron Gwin. Out of the gate, he was impressed with the initial level of performance, but he did have a list of improvements needed to achieve world cup winning performance.


Working closely with the TRP development team, improvements were made to every part of the brake necessary. They were then tested on the world cup circuit throughout the season. The result is G-Spec, Aaron asked and we delivered every detail. With no expense spared creating this brake, every rider can now stop with world cup winning performance.

The G-Spec Quadiem is made from forged aluminum that has been CNC’d, polished, then anodized to give the brakes an eye-catching finish. It also features the new dimpled and drilled lever blade designed by Aaron Gwin. Riders will also find four hybrid pistons (ceramic/steel) for improved heat dissipation, tool free indexed reach adjust, and CNC cooling fins on the caliper.